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Compare For Cash- Compare Your Current Rate with Stability’s for $10 Cash

Who doesn’t love getting paid? Stability Healthcare knows we aren’t the only source for nursing careers, which is why we’re here to prove we have some of the best rates on the market. This month, Stability is running Compare for Cash, a campaign where you compare your current salary or competitor’s quote with us and we will send you 10 dollars!

With travel nurses in high demand, travel nursing salaries are often higher than the salaries of the permanent hospital staff. If you want to fill your wallet and your desire for adventure, travel nursing might be the right fit for you. When picking a travel nursing placement, salary is one of the main considerations for a lot of people because no one wants to be financially stressed on top of moving to a new city.

Stability makes travel nursing easy for you; just pick your destination and we’ll sort out the details.  Not only are you getting the base salary advertised, but, typically, you will receive additional benefits through the Stability Healthcare Nursing Agency. The benefits vary from placement to placement, but the agency assists you with housing, travel reimbursement, licensing support and fees, bonuses, incentives, benefit packages, and retirement needs.

Think you are ready to learn more about the competitive wages that travel nursing offers? Go compare your rates with Stability. All it takes is some basic information about your current position, and not only will we compare your rates with the desired Stability placements for free, but we will also send you $10 just for doing so!

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