How To Make a Good First Impression at Your Travel Assignment

You just got your first travel nursing assignment. Congratulations! Now you need to prepare for your first day of work. How you present yourself is very important, especially on the first day. According to Business Insider, it takes 3 seconds for someone to determine things like your intelligence or likability. While giving off a good first impression may sound intimidating, a lot of it is in your control. Here are a few tips for starting off on the right foot:  

A good handshake

Although it seems like a small thing, your handshake actually matters a lot. It’s big part of someone’s first impression of you. Having the “right” handshake means having a firm grip, one that isn’t flimsy but also doesn’t go overboard and crush their hand. A typical handshake lasts about 2-5 seconds, so don’t linger too long and make sure you keep good eye contact and smile!

Speak clearly

When introducing yourself, say your name in a clear voice. You should also avoid using slang, especially when dealing with people that are in a position above you, according to Forbes. Using slang when speaking with co-workers or colleagues in your similar position is more acceptable.

Be punctual

Time is important, especially as a nurse. For the first day on the job, or for any shift, try to be 5-10 minutes early, whether you’re meeting with a patient or supervisor.

While these are good tips to keep in mind, the most important thing to remember is to just be yourself. Good luck on your first day!

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