Why You Should Pack Your Bags and Become A Travel Nurse

There are many perks of being a traveling nurse, whether it’s meeting new people from across the country or simply being able to travel! Here are some of the reasons why you should pack your bags and become a travel nurse:


1. Traveling

If you are adventurous and want to step outside of your comfort zone, this is the job for you. As a travel nurse, you’ll be able to choose any place to work, and have the opportunity to explore your new city. Travel nursing allows you to fully experience your location, since you’re living there instead of just visiting. You’ll have the opportunity to really soak up the local sights, culture and activities while you’re there. While assignments typically last around 13 weeks, they may run for longer. So even after your initial assignment is done, you won’t necessarily have to find a different location right away. There is plenty of flexibility when it comes to being a travel nurse!


2. Great pay and benefits

The demand for travel nurses is extremely high in most locations, meaning you will receive competitive wages, especially compared to full time staff. At Stability, we offer our nurses the highest-paying jobs available with pay transparency. You also get benefits like PTO, referral bonuses and travel reimbursement when you work with us!


3. You’ll have a flexible schedule

As a travel nurse, you will not only be able to pick your work location, but also your schedule. There are plenty of travel nurse assignments that vary in time, so you can choose your assignment based on your scheduling needs.


4. You will meet all kinds of new people

As you travel around the country, you will meet all kinds of people from different backgrounds. This will not only extend your network professionally, but you will also make new friends from all over the country.


5. You will learn all sorts of new skills

Meeting new people and being in an entirely different city will not only help you with your nursing skills, but it may help you with other valuable skills as well. The opportunity to learn how to adapt to a new environment, be quick on your feet, and adjust to new cultures is priceless. Immersing oneself in a new environment can affect your life and the way you communicate in an incredibly positive way.

If these benefits excite you, it may be time to start your next adventure as a travel nurse. Sign up with Stability and we’ll have you in your dream destination in no time!

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