Recruiter Spotlight: Brittney Greenwalt

We’re highlighting our stellar staff here at Stability. This week we are thrilled to feature Stability recruiter Brittney Greenwalt. Read Brittney’s Q&A below to learn more about her. Contact her about our jobs and processes!

What do you love about Stability?

I love the people I work with. We have such an amazing team of smart, talented, and compassionate people here with a shared vision! The company culture is great too. We have fun here at Stability (insert band sound here).

What’s the best part of the job?

The best part is connecting with nurses across the country and making an impact in healthcare by providing hospitals with top-notch nurses to care for their patients.

How long have you been with Stability?

July marks one year with Stability!  

What makes Stability unique in your words?

We are honest, transparent, and truly put our nurses first. Our systems and technology are unmatched, too. It’s a game-changer to help more nurses get jobs faster!

What are some of your favorite cities that Stability has placements in?

New York, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Seattle, San Diego, Miami, and I love LA since it’s my home-base. I meet with as many of my LA nurses as possible. There’s nothing like putting a face to the name!  

What is one word of advice you have for a nurse wanting to pursue travel nursing?

Be flexible and patient. Flexibility is key in landing a travel assignment, and patience is a must during the process. With flexibility and patience, we’ll find the perfect assignment!

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