Recruiter Spotlight: Lindsay Hernandez

We’re highlighting our wonderful staff here at Stability. Today we’re excited to feature Stability’s Sr. Partner for Recruitment, Lindsay Hernandez, for a Q&A! Connect with her to learn more about our jobs and processes!
What do you love about Stability?

Stability is a fun place to work and is full of unique and diverse personalities. Stability cares about their internal and contracted employees equally and wants the best for their employees.

What’s the best part of the job?

Talking with the nurses. I love getting to know new people, so this job is the perfect fit for me. I love chatting with them daily, getting to know them, and building lasting relationships with them. Since I am not a nurse, they teach me new things every day, which is amazing and keeps my job interesting!

How long have you been with Stability?

2.5 years

What makes Stability unique in your words?

Stability is unique in that we are leading the market in transparency as far as our pay packages go. We are honest and upfront with our nurses regarding what we offer and don’t make nurses jump through hoops to get this information. We truly care about building honest and trusting relationships with each of our nurses.

What are some of your favorite cities that Stability has placements in?

As far as California, I would say my favorites are Napa, San Francisco, South Lake Tahoe and San Diego. I also love that we send staff to Phoenix and Honolulu!

What is one piece of advice you have for a nurse wanting to pursue travel nursing?

Find a recruiter you trust and that is responsive to you. They are your first line of communication and should be there to support you throughout the entire contract. You want to work with someone who truly cares and always has your back and best interest in mind.

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