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Six Qualities Every Travel Nurse Should Have

We think travel nurses are superheroes–they can do it all! From administering medical care to educating family members about proper patient care, they get through whatever challenge might present itself next. Thinking of becoming a travel nurse? Want to know how to be better in your profession? Check out our list on the qualities every travel nurse should have.

Open to new changes

Travel nurses are used to a constantly changing environment. Whether it’s the changing atmosphere of patients in a medical office, or falling asleep to the sounds of a new town or city, a good travel nurse is excited for whatever change is around the bend.


With new changes always presenting themselves, good travel nurses are constantly having to adapt. Everything from policies and procedures, to supervisor and coworker names shift from facility to facility. Good travel nurses can easily adapt to such changes on new assignments.


Because things often change on the job, it’s crucial to be well organized. Good travel nurses are exceptionally organized and therefore can make adjustments or changes with little transition time. Organization is what makes a good travel nurse so stellar.

Good communication

As a good travel nurse, you’re required to be a strong communicator. You’ll need to communicate with patients, fellow nurses, doctors, and other facility staff. Having great communication skills will allow you to communicate seamlessly with a variety of people on the job.

Love of adventure

Good travel nurses seek new adventures. They love to explore new places and seek out new activities, even when not on the job. They’re always on the hunt to try a new regional food dish or cross off a new item off their bucket list.

Passion for nursing and caregiving

At the end of the day, nurses are drawn to their profession out of a desire to help others. Good travel nurses want to make a positive impact on humanity in a truly personal way. Their desire to care for others is what gets out of bed each and every morning.

Think you have what it takes to be a good travel nurse? Check out our current job postings and reach out to your trusted Stability recruiter for more information!

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