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Stability Nurse Feature: Nnenna U.

We’re featuring Nnenna U., a travel nurse who’s been working with Stability Recruiter Ronnie. Get to know Nnenna from our Q&A!

When did you start being a travel nurse? 

I have been traveling for almost 2 years now.

The town you work in right now, your title or the department you work in: 

I work in San Diego in a telemetry/medical surgical floor.

Why did you want to be a nurse in the first place?  

I always really enjoyed working with people. I really enjoy helping people, especially taking care of my older patients. I always loved the medical field, and I never really considered working in anything else. My first job in the medical field was working as a CNA when I was 15. When I started working there I knew immediately that’s what I wanted to do as my career.

Where did you start out being a nurse and in what departments?

I started as an LPN in a rehab hospital. Once I graduated as an RN, I kept working in a rehab/ventilator unit. That unit also saw long term and post acute patients. From there I moved on to medical/surgical and telemetry floors.

Why did you decide to be a traveling nurse?

My friend is a traveler, and she really talked it up about being able to leave our home state and see new cities and hospitals. She really liked it and her great experiences made me want to try it. I moved a few times growing up so it didn’t seem daunting to me to try doing travel assignments in different cities.

Tell me the absolute best day you’ve ever had as a traveling nurse (explain where it was, what you were doing, and what happened that made it that great, etc.) 

I honestly feel like every day is a good day. I currently work at a smaller hospital right now and it has a homey feel. Our unit has lots of travelers, I’ve gotten to know the staff nurses as well. Even the doctors are more accessible in the smaller facility so it has been a great place to work at. They really make us travelers feel special every day, they are great to us!

How has being traveling nurse helped you fulfill some dreams?  

Living in California was on my bucket list and I have been fortunate enough to live in both NorCal and SoCal. Traveling has been a huge benefit financially as I have been able to pay off debt and also save money for future endeavors. As far as working as a traveler, it is nice to not worry about politics on the floors I work on. I get to clock in and just do my work and I can focus on my patients and provide them with the best patient care I can give.

Where have you had assignments in the US and where do you hope to go in the future?  

So far I have done assignments in my home state of Nebraska, Wisconsin, Northern California and Southern California. I am really enjoying California so I think I might stay here for a little while. Eventually I would like to work in New York City as well as Houston.

How long do you think you will be a traveling nurses and why? 

I think will be traveling for at least the next couple of years. I want to eventually go back to school and get my Master’s so I can work as a Nurse Practitioner but I want to enjoy traveling before having to worry about going back to school.


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