The Essential Packing List for Travel Nurses

Are you a travel nurse who is about to set sail on your first assignment? You’re probably both excited and nervous. You have your destination all set and now there’s just one last thing you need to do: pack.

If you’re a first time travel nurse, you might be unsure about what to bring with you for the next few months. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the most important things you’ll need to pack for your exciting new adventure:


The most important outfit you need to bring is your scrubs. Check in with your employer to make sure you have the exact ones they will require you to wear.

Aside from these, you’ll also need to bring casual clothing for when you’re out on the town. Do research on the weather in your location to make sure you bring the appropriate clothing (shorts, dresses, and tank tops if it’s hot. Long sleeves, pants, and accessories such as scarves and gloves if it’s cold).

Pack at least one formal evening outfit just in case you’re required to attend a fancy event, and don’t forget underwear, socks and pajamas!

As for shoes, bring a few pairs. A comfortable pair of sneakers for long days at work, a pair of flip flops or slides for when you need to go in and out quickly, and a pair of high heels, dress shoes, or something fancy to go along with your formal attire. You should also bring some comfortable and stylish shoes for when you’re exploring the city!

Paperwork and other documentation

It’s important that you bring copies of essential paperwork and documentation with you in case you run into a situation where you need access to them. Here’s what you should make copies of:

  • Driver’s license
  • Social security card
  • Insurance card
  • Nursing license and other credentials
  • Contracts
  • Birth certificate


When traveling, you will likely be spending a fair amount of money, whether it’s on food, shopping or for work purposes. Make sure you have both cash and a credit/debit card.

Personal care items

Bring your basic personal care items such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, tampons and pads, hair brush, skincare products, makeup, etc. Just to be safe, you should bring first-aid items such as bandaids and eye drops. Also, bring Ibuprofen or your prescribed medications if needed. Don’t overpack on these items though. You can always stock up and buy more later.


The most important electronic device to bring is your cell phone. This will likely be the main device you’ll use for communication with either your supervisors and colleagues or your friends and family back home. You may also want to bring other electronics such as a laptop, iPad, or a gaming device for when you have downtime.

Other things to bring

Now that we have all the important items out of the way, here are some other things you might want to bring along with you:

  • Pictures of your loved ones
  • Books, if you like to read
  • Instruments like a guitar, ukulele, or flute if you play     
  • Small bags, backpacks, and purses for work and exploring
  • Camera to capture your adventures
  • A journal for all your memories!

Now that you have all your traveling essentials, you are finally ready to tackle your next adventure! Deciding what to pack is really up to you, but it’s better to be prepared and plan ahead. Happy travels!   


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