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Top 3 Big City Placements Right Now

Craving the hustle and bustle of the big city? Stability is here to help you find a travel nursing placement that will give you your fill of art, incredible cuisine, music, and culture.

Spread out all across the US, are cities that are rich in culture in opportunity. We’re here to highlight a couple of cities off of Travel + Leisure’s list of the Top Cities in the US from 2017. Read more to learn about Austin, New York City, and San Francisco, and hopefully get some inspiration for your future nursing placements!


Lying in the heart of the Lone Star State, Austin combines classic Texas with a hip and trendy twist. The residents of Austin make sure the city stays true to its motto of “Keep Austin Weird” by straying away from what one might expect to see when they visit Texas. The city is made up of several different neighborhoods that each hold their own reputation. Some of our favorites are South Congress, home to public art displays and hip coffee shops, and University of Texas, home to of course UT and also a strip of hip bars and 24-hour diners. If you want to learn more about the neighborhoods, Thrillist compiled a complete list of the different neighborhoods that will give you the inside scoop.

Food will be a recurring theme on this list because, let’s face it, a city isn’t that great if it doesn’t have the food to back it up. Austin is a food lover’s dream… from barbecue to Mexican, there’s something everyone is bound to enjoy in the city. You can even combine the two at one of Austin’s many taco joints like Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ, where you can get smoked carnitas, pulled pollo, and smoked brisket tacos.

You can’t mention Austin without taking note to its famous music scene. The city is home to festivals like South by Southwest® and Austin City Limits. The city truly comes to life through its live music culture. Being in Austin during SXSW or ACL is guaranteed to satisfy any music lover’s wildest dreams. Not to worry, even if you aren’t able to line up your placement with that timeline, there are countless venues and live shows happening every night.

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 New York City

A list of some of the best cities to live in wouldn’t be complete without New York City. It is the picture that everyone thinks about when they think of what a city should be- yellow taxis honking through the overflowing pedestrian groups making their way to the subway stations, walking through Times Square at night with billboards flashing after attending a famous Broadway play, and of course the picturesque NYC skyline.

If city life is what you are yearning for, then NYC is guaranteed to give you your fill. The city is made up of 5 different boroughs, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island. Each borough is known for its own unique history, but the most popular is of course Manhattan, closely followed by Brooklyn. Manhattan is full of skyscrapers and luxurious neighborhoods from Wall Street in the South to Central Park in the North. You could spend your entire placement on Manhattan and still not get around to seeing and doing everything. Brooklyn is more neighborhoods and parks, a slower pace than Manhattan with artsy neighborhoods waiting to be explored.

As the melting pot of America, you can only imagine the diversity of food that you can find in the city. Try some authentic Chinese food in Chinatown or head to Eataly for some world class Italian food. If you are feeling really adventurous you can make your way to Brooklyn to try the famous Unicorn Bagel or try cereal milk ice cream at Momofuku Milk Bar.

With the flexibility of your hours as a travel nurse, you will have plenty of free time to really enjoy the city. Especially when the rest of the city is stuck in their 8-6 jobs, you will have the freedom to relax and take a stroll around central park or cruise your way through the MET.

San Francisco

On the opposite side of the country lies the coastal city of San Francisco. Known for its place in the tech scene, the Golden Gate Bridge, and its booming popularity. With its mild and gloomy temperatures, this is a city for someone who isn’t looking for a hot summer or a freezing cold winter. People from all over the world migrating to this growing city, has led to the city gaining a reputation of rent prices as steep as the city’s streets. Lucky for you, travel nurses in San Francisco make anything from $1,400 to over $2,300 a week so money won’t hinder your experience.  

Even though this is a huge city, there’s still a decent amount of nature surrounding it. From Golden Gate Park to the San Francisco Bay, this city never makes you feel like you are trapped in a concrete jungle. Some of the more natural highlights of the city include hikes around Land’s End and Telegraph Hill’s garden-lined stairway walks.

This city is home to some of the world’s most famous restaurants. The city is best known for its sourdough bread and fresh seafood, but has so much more to offer than just that. According to Lonely Planet, San Francisco is home to the most restaurants and farmers markets per capita in North America, making this city one for any food lover. Exploring the neighborhoods of San Francisco will lead you to finding a new favorite spot on every corner.

The great part about travel nursing is that it is just a six-week placement. It is the perfect amount of time to go and experience a new city and what it has to offer without having to commit to living there full-time. Who knows maybe you’ll fall in love! 

If you feel like trying out city life for a few weeks, head to to request a quote and see what placements are available.

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