About Us: Stability Healthcare

Stability Healthcare was founded in 2009 with the mission of becoming the best travel nursing agency in California. We have been rated one of the top travel nursing agencies and offer our nurses the highest-paying travel nursing jobs available.

We care about our nurses and want them to have incredible and life-changing experiences while they travel. Our recruiters are dedicated to working closely with our RNs to build a travel experience that works for them.

Being a travel nurse may come with its challenges, but Stability is there to support our RNs every step of the way. There are so many reasons to be a travel nurse! You can start the year off in sunny California, spend the spring in the Colorado Rockies, and enjoy the summer in the Midwest. Our RNs work in the best hospitals and health systems in the country, all while earning top wages.

With Stability, you will have access to the best travel assignments from thousands of facilities. Our process is very simple and requires three basic steps:

1) Select a Job online

It’s easy to select a job in Stability’s Job Search. With our Pay Transparency Jobs Page, our travel nurses can select the best jobs that fit their geographical and financial needs with no unwanted surprises.

2) Interview and Plan

Feel more secure with our Job Placement Plan. The second you submit yourself for a position, our experienced team and technology will have you fully prepared to excel during your interview.

Along with our market best interview technology tools, our relationships with our clients put you in the front of the line for your interview.

3) Work and Explore

This is the most exciting part of the process. After you accept the travel assignment, work with our on-boarding team to properly set you up for your first week of work. From the start of your assignment, you’ll gain valuable nursing experience at great career-advancing hospitals. On your days off, you can relax or explore in your new city!

Are you ready to start your adventure with Stability? Find your next job today: https://stabilityhealthcare.com/travel-nursing/jobs





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